Emergency Radio Rack

I am planning to build an Emergency Radio Rack where i put in all my Radiogear so i have it mobile if i need it.

For this i bought a Rackcase normally used with music equipment.




The good thing with this Rack Case is that you can put of the Front and the Back cover. So you can nicely reach the front and the back of your Gear.

The Case was quite cheap and it looks stirdy.

I want to make a Backplate where i fit in all my connectors and swithches so it looks a bit cleaner.


I am currently 3D printing the housings for the connectors and i am also still waiting for some parts.




I will keep you informed about my progress.

I personally dont need dedicated Emergency Equipment, I have no space for a permanent Shack in my Place so i thought it would be a good idea when i make it boxed up so that the setup time is very low.



Best Wishes