Emergency Shack Update

I am almost finished with my “Emergency Radio Shack”. It was more work than expected.

I have made multiple PowerSource Inputs that can be selected with a Switch.

There are also some PowerOutlets for charging the Laptop or a Handheld Radio over the 12V  Cigarette Port.

I also added 2 USB charging ports and a Blank Outlet where you can plug in some Cables.




In the middle of the Backplate i have 3D printed some cable holders so i can connect between the Radio components withouth taking of the Backplate.

There are a lot of cables inside this Box because you have to have one cable to every port of your Radio components. I have made the MiniDin-8 and MiniDin-6 Cables myself because they are hard to get in a short lengh and the custommade cables cost 25 Euros each. (25 x 12… =))




I still have to wait for the Pactor modem wich has some delay because of the HamRadio Fair in Germany.

I also have to make the labeling of the components and connectors, so there is still a little way to go.


best wishes