Emergency Shack Update 2

Yesterday was the day. I have received the last Part of my Portable Shack, the Pactor modem.

I have installed everything and it is now (thanks to god =)) finished.

It was a lot more work as i thought before and it was also more expencive as i thought.


I think i will explain in a few blog posts why i made it that way and how i did it.


I will post some links to the Products i have bought for this Project.

The links to Amazon will be Affiliate Links. If you buy something over them i will get a tiny amount of money

paid out in amazon gift cards. I have never done this before and i am sure i wont get a fortune out of it.

All other Links i get NOTHING for.

I DONT make commercial for products that i linked to, I just know the feeling when searching Hours for a part to find a

good and affordable Source and i want so spare your time. If you have any Problem with that please let me know.



That said i hope i will get some nice articles in the next Time.


Best wishes