ERS – Organizing Stuff

Not only when you make projects you will notice that organizing stuff is very good for finding your gear fast.

I am personally a big fan of having stuff put in the right place and organizing my gear.

In my Shop i have a Box for everything i need and i also like to do so when i am mobile.

So here are some products i use in my ERS Project:

For my Cables i use a normal cheap sportsbag like you had when you went to shool: Shoolbag

I use this bags for my Extencion cords, Strings, Coax Cables. They are very cheap but they do the job.

A very good product for Documents, CDs and small cables are the Polyfiel bags in A4 and A5.

I am not going to lie to you, they are expencive as hell, but you will get a good strong nice looking case

for almost everything in almost every format.

Dont you hate it too when you have cables going loose everytime you transport them? I do.

Since i am also flying RC planes i found a nice littel gimmik that you can use to tie your cables together so they wont get loose.

VelcroZipTies they come on a good price for what you get.


Thats it for now for organizing Stuff.


Best wishes