Building my Shack pt. 4 the Room 2

As i said earlier, the Room i wanted to build my Shak in was directly under the Roof so it was very good for my Project. 

The only Thing i had a hard time is to figure out how to get the cables from the outside into my Shack. 

I knew i had to drill a hole into the wall but there was ine problem. I had no idea how thick this wall was and what was in that wall. 

I meassured the approximate thickness of the wall and decided to drill a small 5 mm hole throu that thing to check whats inside…

The drill wennt right throu and now i knew that there was no brick inside the wall. 

The wall consists of a 20mm plasterboard, 25mm hardwood, 20mm air (very easy to drill :)), 150mm wool, 20mm woodboard and 80mm styrofoam. 

So i bought myself a 75mm wooddrill and drilled through the plaster and the furst wood layer. I then used a stick to put away the insulating wool. 

My plan was to put a plastic pipe into the hole so i can put the cables through.

I had to stop my work because for the styroform i needed a bigger Drill. 

When the drill arrived i cut a bigger hole from the outerside into the wall. The holes didnt match 100% but this was not an issue because the wool was flexible. 

I glued the plastic pipe into the wall with some construction foam and put a cap on it so the wildlive wont come in. 

The hole was finished and i had the idea to lay some network cables into my shack. It was a hell of a lot work but i think it pays off. 

After painting the wall the most work was done and i was very happy to make good progress. 

Best wishes