Building my Shack pt. 6 the Shelf

A small Sideproject while building my Shack was to make a Shelf where i can organize my HAM Radio gear. Normally this would not be a big deal but i am not a wood guy, but my uncle is. 

I gave him the Dimensions of the 3 planks i needed. He then found some 80 year old floow planks that have been in a farmhouse. After grinding and drilling the holes i cut some (you guessed it…) water pipes of a rod and deburred them. I also used some teakoil to finish the wood. 

I mounted everything with some threaded rods and nuts. 

For the feet of the shelf i uses some threaded balls that you normally use for handles. 

On this Shelf i mounted my Groundplate and installed the gear. 

It fits nicely and i still have some spare space for new gear. 
Best wishes