Building my Shack pt. 5 the Grounding

When i did Hamradio in my Livingroom i didnt have a propper grounding. This was a bit of an issue because i had alot of QRM and TVI. 

I decided when i build my own shack i will make it propperly. 

I read some information about station grounding on thebinternet but there was no way that i could put a 2,5m groundrod into the soil outside my House. The Soil is too dry and there are alot of Rocks in it. 

I decided to burry some steel rods 15cm deep in the ground and connect them to each other. 

I lend a Lamorghini for the weekend to have some make the work a little bit easier. 🙂

I welded a plow together and used a strong tow to bind it to the tractor. 

I laid the rods in the slice and connected the rods with some heavy clamps. Later i also pushed about 5 1m long rods into the ground and also connected it to the rods already in the soil. 

It was a quick act and my girlfriend didnt notice it. She later asked me „why is there some soil on the grass?“ i said „this f$%#ng“ moles!!“ and got never asked again. 

From the grounding i used some 35mm2 fine cable to go to the shack and connected it with a strong clamp. 

In the shack i made myself a groundplate out of bronze where i can connect all my gear. 
Best wishes


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