Building my Shack pt.2 the Room

I started with an empty room that was painted 10 years ago. It wasnt a beauty. 

I decided to mount new lights in the Room because i like it when its well illuminated. I searched alot for lamps that i liked but they were either crappy build or way too expencive.

I decided to build my own lamp out of 6/4“  steel pipes. I kind of like the look of raw steel and the good thing on waterpipes is you can thread them together, adjust the angle and get nice looking standard connection parts. 

Then i bought 2 pairs of lampshades of amazon and mounted all together on a Saturday afternoon. 

The connection of the wires was a little fiddely but it all went well. 

After i premounted the Lamp my collegue came and hepled me mount it on the wall. It became quite heavy. 🙂

When i swithed that thing on the first time i was a little bit shocked. The Light was very good but because of the Lampshades the light came straight down aso the most of the Room was very dark. I needed a second Lamp and my first guess was to buy one „pipelamp“ from amazon. The package was delivered soon but it was a very bad quality. It looked as cheap as it was.

So again i had to get back in the Workshop and build my own lamp. First i ordered some connectors, angles and T-pieces. I used a rectangular insulated wire where the sockets can be clipped on and it fittet perfectly. I glued the sockets in the pipes with some Epoxy glue and let it cure. 

I liked the second lamp more than the first one. I know that this style is not for everybody and on my second thought it might be a little extravagant but i wont make a new one thats sure. 🙂
Best wishes


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