Assembling the Dual Patchfeed (POTY) for QO100 (ES-Hail’2)

In this Video im showing you how I assemble the Dual Patchfeed aka. POTY.
This Feed can be used when you want to work on QO100.

As far as I know:
The Designers of this Feed were Mike Willis, Remco den Besten and Paul Marsh aka. UHF-Satcom. Please write me if this is wrong then ill change it.

Special Thanks to the Guys mentioned above. They helped me a lot in the early days of QO100. If I have forgotten to mention someone, Please let me know.

Some useful Links:
A Radome and LNB Cover for the POTY from DM4DS:

A Adapter from 22mm to 40mm from M1SJE:

A 3D-Printed Dielectric Lens from Hybridpretender:

My Building Guides for the Patchfeed and the Plates itself:

The original Blogpost from UHF-Satcom’s Blog:

Thank you for watching this Video, If you have Feedback or Recommendations, let me know.

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