Linked Dipole Final Assembly

So we have all the parts and the wires cut to a lengh where we have a little spare lengh. 

Solder on the cables for the 10m Band a Ring and secure it with the nut where the cables from the Balun are mounted. 

Put the wire throu the upper hole and make a secure knot. Make sure you have a little spare wire so there is no force on the ring on the screw. 

Put a knot on the wire like on the picture. 

Now, on the other side of the isolator put the wire from the 20m Band. Go on for every wire from every band until you reached the wire for the 80m Band. 

On the last isolator put about 4m of some kind of string. I have chose some thick fishing wire. On the other side of the string put a loop for fixing it later. 
Best wishes


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